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  • Lakewood Roofing Is Now Leading The Charge As A Premier Restoration Company

    Lakewood Roofing, your restoration experts have been very busy helping home and business owners restore their homes through the insurance process. It feels amazing as a business to be able to partner with homeowners and help to both qualify and navigate the insurance process so they don't have to impact their personal finances! We have been installing top notch roofing for over 3 years in Lakewood WA, protecting homes and families. Our journey changed about a year 2 years ago when we were introduced to the concept of qualifying roofs for replacement at very little cost through insurance. In our region insurance work is a tiny percentage of the roofing and construction industry due to the fact that we don't have tornados, hail storms and hurricanes. As contractors we are conditioned to think that insurance is not relevant or wont work in our areas so its not looked at as a viable option. That perception changed when GAF our shingle brand partner provided training on how to qualify roofs for replacement through insurance. The process is honestly not easy, it is however worth it. After many many months of training and even more time working through the process we have forged a team of people that understand the rules and principals on what qualifies a home for insurance supplementation. The amazing thing is that its not just a tree landing on the roof or some of the major issues you might expect. There are many different factors that can qualify your roof for insurance restoration funds, and we have dialed that in! We have helped hundreds of Lakewood residents replace their roofs, repair their drywall, siding, flooring and more for just the cost of their deductibles. We are so excited about this and ready to help you as well. If you would like to have your roof inspected to see if you qualify for insurance supplementation contact us today!

  • New Timberline HDZ Roofing System

    We have been busy! So many roofs have been replaced. This recent job we are featuring shows a new GAF Timberline HDZ roof replacement. We captured some drone video and photo footage so you can really see how the high definition colors make this home look so amazing. We recently lifted our level of excellence even higher by adding the "Catch All" system to our reroof process. This allows us to really protect the plants and shrubs of our homeowners as well as keep the debris from the tear off isolated. Overall we will be able to protect your home and valuables and keep a cleaner job site than most local roofers due to the investment we have made into this excellent tool. This is another reason Lakewood Roofing is just the best choice in the region.

  • Lakewood Roofing ReRoof Featured By GAF

    We are constantly working hard to provide the best reroofs for homeowners in Lakewood, WA. We also work hard to support our manufacturing partner GAF. GAF manufacturers the number one selling roofing shingle in America, the Timberline HDZ. We install the HDZ or the Ultra HDZ on 98% of the roofs we install. We recently shared some drone photos of a new HDZ roof we installed in Lakewood, WA and were excited to learn that GAF shared it on their Facebook page. Having our hard work recognized means so much! We strive for excellence and love seeing it reach the masses. Check it out below!

  • Another Quality Roof Installed By Lakewood Roofing | June 2023

    Another Timberline HDZ roofing system in the books! As the best roofing contractor in Lakewood, WA we love transform the appearance of homes with a new roof. Especially with the high definition color option that GAF Timberline HDZ offers. This particular roof received a pewter grey Timberline shingle with a System Plus upgraded warranty. This roof not only looks amazing but with our certification we also provided a 50 year limited lifetime and non-prorated warranty for our homeowners. This is true peace of mind. Check out some of the beautiful drone photos below! Follow us on Facebook to see more of our work! There is a reason hundreds of homeowners choose Lakewood Roofing every year! Not only do we an amazing consumer review rating, our team is factory certified to ensure the highest quality install in the market. Our fair pricing coupled with the quality and warranties we offer make us your best choice in Lakewood, WA. Contact us today!

  • Lakewood Roof Installation, TPO & Asphalt Shingles

    Asphalt & Shingle Roof Installed By Lakewood Roofing When it comes to hiring a qualified roofer near you in Lakewood, WA, there is no better choice than Lakewood Roofing! With over a decade of experience managing jobs including the Big 5 Sporting Goods reroof on the Tacoma Mall to small jobs right here in our backyard we have done it all. One thing that really sets us apart at Lakewood Roofing is our level of experience with all types of roofing. Many contractors market that they offer all types of roofing but many of them have not put in the years on the roof of more difficult systems such as TPO, PVC, EPDM & Metal. Our owner Christian has installed and managed all of these roofing system types as well as gone through factory training and certification with all of the systems and manufactures we represent as a premium roofing contractor. This particular roof was a great example of our ability and craftsmanship! It required asphalt shingles, TPO membrane roofing and metal on the same project. Just look at how beautiful it looks. The Lakewood Roofing Difference For this particular roofing system we utilized GAF Timberline roofing shingles and GAF Everguard TPO. As a GAF certified roofing contractor on both the steep and low slope systems we are able to provide upgraded system warranties on both sections of the roof. This is a huge benefit to the homeowner as they can not only receive an upgraded system warranty from the manufacturer, both steep and low slope warranties are housed by the same manufacturer. This can help to eliminate finger pointing by opposing manufacturers in the event that there is ever a material defects issue on one of our jobs. With Lakewood Roofing we specialize in providing complete roofing system with upgraded system warranties. We simply are you best option for warranty protection in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Harborstone Credit Union ReRoof, Lakewood, WA

    Who does one of the top local credit unions in Lakewood, WA call when they need a new roof one one of their facilities? Why Lakewood Roofing of course! We had the opportunity to bid on some of the Harborstone Credit Union work a year ago. After winning and completing a job we took over the contract and now have the privilege of doing all of their local buildings. It's become a great partnership and we are proud to be their contractor of choice! On this particular location we removed the existing roofing and installed both a new GAF Everguard TPO system as well as a GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ shingle system. This was a really fun job with the multiple facets of steep and low slope roofing. Under the TPO we installed Energy Guard poly iso which will help to insulate the building and also creates a thermal break between the membrane and the roof deck. This helps to eliminate the possibility of condensation in the layers of the roofing system. The Everguard TPO system provides an amazing warranty and will protect this building for decades. The steep slope portion of the project is protected by a top notch full roofing system. Under the shingles we used the extremely breathable GAF Deck-Armor. This premium roof deck protection will help the roof to breathe and prevent moisture from being trapped. GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ shingles were the perfect finishing touch! Their enhanced shadow line gives the roof an extra high definition appearance. This shingle is 20% thicker than the entry level Timberline HDZ shingle. It also carries a 30 year algae warranty which is important for roofing surfaces here in the Puget Sound. One of the beautiful things about utilizing the same manufacturers product on both the steep and low slope portion of the roof is that the warranties tie together and come from the same company. This is what is considered a vertically integrated roofing system. Check out some of the job photos below! If you are looking for a flat roofing contractor in Lakewood, WA look no further. We are a certified and authorized flat roofing specialist that can provide upgraded system warranties. Our owner Christian has over a decade of experience leading crews and reroofing everything from small flat roofs to large stores at the Tacoma Mall such as Dick's Sporting Goods. There is no job we would consider to large or to small. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate on your flat commercial roof in Lakewood, WA!

  • Lakewood Roofing Installs New Timberline Ultra HDZ Roofing System On University Place Apartments

    Apartment Complex in University Place Gets Major Roofing Upgrade With GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ By Lakewood Roofing We love transforming homes and businesses with brand-new roofing systems, it's what we do at Lakewood Roofing! In this case, it was an apartment building. That's right we had the privilege of being the roofing contractor of choice for a major apartment complex in University Place, WA. This 8,000-square-foot roof was ready for a replacement! Our roofing specialist did a fantastic job consulting the board at this apartment complex. They discussed the right products that would suit them best. They selected the Timberline Ultra HDZ roofing shingle and Deck Armor breathable synthetic underlayment from GAF. There are a few key features that made this combination of upgraded products the right fit for their project. Deck Armor Synthetic Breathable Underlayment We installed the most breathable or permeable underlayment as roof deck protection. There are many decent synthetic underlayments out there on the market but most of them have a very low perm rating, which measures how much air can pass through, or in other words breathability. Deck Armors industry-leading breathability will be a major asset to the entire roofing system. Timberline Ultra HDZ There are many appealing features when it comes to the Ultra HDZ by GAF, but there was one key factor that made this the perfect shingle of choice for the apartment complex. The 30-year Stainguard Plus Pro algae warranty was the deciding factor. Most shingles have a 10-15 year algae rating. With some of the prevalent algae issues in the PNW, having a warranted product that protects for nearly triple the average algae warranty was an easy decision. In addition to the 30-year Stainguard warranty, there are some other amazing features such as the Duel Shadow color pattern that really make the shingle pop. The Ultra HDZ is approximately 25% thicker than the Timberline HDZ, its predecessor. You can read more about the Ultra HDZ and its features and benefits on our blog! We love how this project turned out check out our project gallery below! For more information on roofing services from Lakewood Roofing or multifamily roofing in University Place, WA contact us today!

  • We Are Covering Lakewood, WA Homes With Timberline Ultra HDZ Roofing Shingles

    Lakewood Roofing Brings The New Timberline Ultra HDZ Roofing Shingle To Town We love being the premier roofing contractor in Lakewood, WA! We purposefully keep our focus and service area limited to Lakewood so we can invest in our home community. This allows us to be logistically efficient and offer the best roof replacement and repair services for both residential and commercial roofing. We feel our community deserves the best, which is why we are excited about the new GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ roofing shingle that is now available for us to install. It's a game changer for our customers, here is why. The new and improved Ultra HDZ shingle is LOADED with amazing engineering features that make it one of the best shingles on the market at an affordable price. The former version of the Ultra HDZ was fantastic, 50% thicker but had the same features and benefits as the standard Timberline HDZ. It was also very expensive which prevented many homeowners from considering it. This year in 2023 GAF made a great move and re-engineered the Ultra HDZ to be strong and price effective. Some of the key features are: It is approximately 20% thicker than the Timberline HDZ. It has an enhanced duel shadow coloring that creates a higher definition appearance. Has the newly engineered nail zone, the widest nail zone in the industry which enables a no max wind speed warranty with 4 nails. A 30-year Stainguard Pro Plus algae warranty, the longest such warranty in the industry, so critical for the Puget Sound climate. The cost has been reduced to make it a more affordable option for both home and business owners. Timberline Ultra HDZ is the Perfect Roof For Your Home Or Business In Lakewood, WA With the combination of all of the features above the Ultra HDZ is the perfect shingle for your home or business in Lakewood, WA. We have recently installed four GAF complete roofing systems with System Plus extended warranties. Two of these were on residential single-family homes, one was a multi-family apartment complex. The fourth was on a Harborstone Bank. All of the owners were thrilled to learn about the 30-year algae resistance warranty and loved the look of the duel shadow. As the best roofing contractor in Lakewood, WA we highly recommend the Timberline Ultra HDZ! Contact Us Today To Schedule A Free Estimate at 253-533-3896

  • Protecting Lakewood Homes With A Full GAF System From Lakewood Roofing

    As a Lakewood Roofing contractor, we purposefully keep our focus on serving our community. We are Lakewood Roofing, a family-owned and operated roofing contractor. Not only do we live in Lakewood, Washington, our office, entire staff, and service team operates within the city and sticks to working for local businesses and homeowners. With over twelve years of experience, we have seen explosive growth and wanted to say thank you to the city of Lakewood and its residents! We are now offering increased warranty protection for residents of Lakewood, WA As a growing contractor, we are always looking for the most innovative and proven ways to protect our customers. After all, every roof we install is the legacy of our family name! This year we are taking a big leap in our warranty offering capabilities. We are doing this by installing a full GAF-warranted system and providing upgraded System Plus warranties on every roof! This is huge for our customers. What is a full roofing system? A full roofing system is the utilization of all the components recommended by the manufacturer to create the perfect roofing system. We will break down a full GAF roofing system below but it’s important to realize that many contractors skimp on very important system components in order to reduce the cost to benefit their business. In the end, this often ends up costing the homeowner as cutting corners never works out in the end. Especially in the volatile Puget Sound weather that will test the integrity of every roof installed. There are critical areas of the roof that need to be protected such as the eaves, rakes, valleys, penetrations, and ridge line. GAF manufactures very specific products designed with proprietary technology to protect those specific areas. By using all GAF products on your roof, we not only qualify your roofing system for a lifetime system warranty, but we also ensure that if there is ever an issue there is only one manufacturer involved. This effectively closes the door to finger-pointing and helps make the warranty process easy! Now let's look at the GAF system components we use as the best roofing contractor in Lakewood, WA. Pro Start-Perimeter Edge Protection Pro Start starter shingles protect the perimeter edges of your roof deck. The edges are most susceptible to wind blow-off damage. Pro Start is pre-cut to help ensure the start of the roof system is straight. They are also pre-cut for fast installation, making us more efficient on your roof. Most importantly they have properly positioned SBS-modified Duragrip adhesive that helps to seal the roof edge down and prevent blow-off. This product is installed on both the eave and rake edge to obtain higher-tier system warranties. Tigerpaw-Breathable Synthetic Roof Deck Protection We love Tigerpaw underlayment for many reasons. The first is that we feel it provides the best safety and protection for both our customer's homes and our employees. Many synthetic underlayment’s out in the market today have a very low “perm rating.” A perm rating is essentially how much moisture the material allows to escape or gas through it. Tigerpaw has a very high perm rating which is why it's described as “breathable.” This helps any moisture that travels from inside your home attic space get through the layers of your roofing system to escape easier. That process helps prevent the roof deck from getting wet and rotting out. Another huge benefit is that Tigerpaw has a non-slip surface. It's very easy to walk on even on steeper pitches. This helps ensure a safer installation for our employees! At the end of the day, people matter the most and we like to show our team we care about safety by offering that extra protection! Weatherwatch Leak Barrier Protection Weatherwatch leak barrier is a self-adhered membrane that is designed to protect the most leak-prone areas of the roof. It is an asphalt-based product with a strong adhesive on the back to help it stick to the roof deck. For the strongest GAF warranties, it is applied in valleys, around the entire perimeter edge when 1,500 feet above sea level, on roof-to-wall transitions, and around all roof penetrations such as skylights, chimneys, and plumbing pipe boots. GAF Ventilation, Intake & Exhaust Every roof is unique. Every building structure is unique. We carefully assess an important but often overlooked aspect of roofing, which is the ventilation system. You can install a perfectly sound roof and if you get the ventilation wrong it can cause moisture issues inside the attic and on the roof which will reduce the life of the roof. GAF offers multiple intake and exhaust options which we utilize. They include GAF intake, Snow Country Advanced ridged ridge vent, GAF Cobra rolled ridge vent, and Master Flow AF50 vents. GAF Field Shingle Options There are a lot of great shingle options from GAF. At Lakewood Roofing, we focus on two primary options. The Timberline HDZ and Timberline Ultra HDZ. All GAF shingles carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty! That’s 50 years of protection against failure due to material defects. GAF has implemented amazing technology such as their new nail zone and time-released algae block called Stainguard Plus. Other shingle options are The Timberline Natural Shadow, Grand Sequoia, and Grand Canyon. There are additional specialty options as well if you really want a unique roof. Z Ridge & Timbercrest Hip & Ridge Shingles We cap off the full roofing system with ridge cap shingles. We have two primary options here in the Pacific Northwest and both are amazing. The standard ridge cap is Z Ridge, it is a pre-made ridge cap that bends into a “Z” shape. For a standard ridge cap it has a high-profile look! For an extra thick or chunky look you can upgrade to Timber Tex. It’s a really thick ridge cap with rounded corners. It really makes the roof pop. Both products can complete the full roofing system requirements for warranties on a GAF system. Warranties There are two primary warranties offered with a full GAF roofing system. The first is a System Plus warranty. This extends the non-prorated portion of the warranty from 10 years to 50. That means GAF will cover the cost to replace the roof if it fails due to material defects within 50 years. That’s powerful warranty protection. The second key warranty is the Golden Pledge. This warranty adds a 25-year workmanship warranty to the material warranty. This means even if the installer makes a mistake, GAF will cover the cost to replace the roof, including any future cost increases. That’s unbelievable. Both warranties require the use of GAF system components and must be registered with GAF. After Lakewood Roofing registers your warranty, GAF will mail you a copy of the warranty for your possession. These warranties can be transferred to the next owner as well! That’s a great value add for your home. If you are interested in getting an estimate on a complete roofing system from the best roofing contractor in Lakewood, WA you have come to the right place. We always provide free estimates and have very competitive pricing. With Lakewood Roofing, you are in good hands.

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