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Lakewood Roofing Is Now Leading The Charge As A Premier Restoration Company

Lakewood Roofing, your restoration experts have been very busy helping home and business owners restore their homes through the insurance process. It feels amazing as a business to be able to partner with homeowners and help to both qualify and navigate the insurance process so they don't have to impact their personal finances!

We have been installing top notch roofing for over 3 years in Lakewood WA, protecting homes and families. Our journey changed about a year 2 years ago when we were introduced to the concept of qualifying roofs for replacement at very little cost through insurance. In our region insurance work is a tiny percentage of the roofing and construction industry due to the fact that we don't have tornados, hail storms and hurricanes. As contractors we are conditioned to think that insurance is not relevant or wont work in our areas so its not looked at as a viable option. That perception changed when GAF our shingle brand partner provided training on how to qualify roofs for replacement through insurance.

The process is honestly not easy, it is however worth it. After many many months of training and even more time working through the process we have forged a team of people that understand the rules and principals on what qualifies a home for insurance supplementation. The amazing thing is that its not just a tree landing on the roof or some of the major issues you might expect. There are many different factors that can qualify your roof for insurance restoration funds, and we have dialed that in!

We have helped hundreds of Lakewood residents replace their roofs, repair their drywall, siding, flooring and more for just the cost of their deductibles. We are so excited about this and ready to help you as well. If you would like to have your roof inspected to see if you qualify for insurance supplementation contact us today!

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