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License #: LAKEWRL792NF

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Don't Wait For Roof Repairs

If your roof is leaking or has damage, don't hesitate to call Lakewood Roofing.  In most cases, repairs are simple and quick to fix, however, left untreated, your leaky roof could result in much more damage and require a complete replacement.  Our team will come out and tarp the roof if necessary and assess all damages.  We have been repairing roofs in Lakewood, WA and the surrounding communities of Pierce County for over 10 years.  Call us today for a free estimate.



Over time your roof will see normal wear and tear.  That's just how it goes living in the Northwest. Whether you have a leaky roof from storm damage or age, our team at Lakewood Roofing can repair your roof in a hurry.  We also offer 24/7 emergency service. 

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How to spot a roof leak

Knowing you have a roof leak is usually obvious when you see the water spot on your ceiling. However, it can be much harder to pinpoint the cause of the leak.

5 Potential Signs of a Roof Leak:

  • Water spots on your ceiling or walls.

  • Missing shingles.

  • Cracked or damaged shingles.

  • Missing or damaged flashing or boot covers to roof penetrations.

  • Water spots or wet roof decking (seen through the attic).


If you notice any of these potential signs, call Lakewood Roofing immediately at (253) 533-3896


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